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EMC Fitness- Fitness Studio

Where Every Minute Counts


     About        EMC Fitness

EMC Fitness is a fitness company that provides one-on-one personal training, semi private personal training, and small group training.  We have a solution for your fitness goals.

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EMC Fitness is a place where people want to see you achieve your goals just as much as they want to achieve their own - where people will support you and try to help in any way they can - where failure is simply the path to growth, knowing you have the support to eventually succeed.


Pushing yourself when you don't want to.  Realizing some progress is better than no progress.  Understanding that some days will be harder than others. Having people to help you through any obstacle you may encounter is the best way to keep moving forward.

Workout with Kettlebells


Results happen over time, not overnight.  Work hard, stay consistent and be patient.  Setting measureable goals is the best way to get the results you want.  Working with a fitness professional is the best way to achieve results.

Heavy Weights

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